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June 11 2015


Bicycle stands

If you are looking for the best bicycle stands and racks with many customization options available, you just need to check out the link provided.

November 04 2014

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No matter if you’re a cycling veteran who can ride for a couple of hours or you’re a complete beginner who just started the bicycle adventure, you need to rest. And there is no better place to do it than a beautiful green park that will give you the shade and atmosphere you need? Unfortunately, not many parks are sufficiently equipped to accommodate many bikes – bike racks are often in hard to find spots or are in such a condition that your bicycle would stand better on a muddy ground. 

But a couple of days ago I’ve encountered something simple, yet brilliant (well, most brilliant things are simple, to be honest). Just look at the picture attached to this post! How could I not think of that?! A bike stand and a bench combined? That is so genius I can't believe there are not many of those beauties around.


October 20 2014


Car bike racks

Of course, biking is the best way of transportation. Nevertheless, if a bike route you wish to explore is too far away in some remote location, you have to transport your bicycle with your car to fully enjoy the goods the said route offers. It means that you have to secure your bike properly to avoid accidents and damages to your trusted leg-operated steed.

That’s when a car bike rack comes into play. How to choose a good one? This video tutorial might help you choose:


October 08 2014

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September 22 2014


You don’t need much to install a bike stand

If you’re an employer who takes care of your employees needs, you should seriously consider installing a bike stand for those who choose to use their own muscles to get to work. You will not only make their life easier, but you’ll also promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Furthermore, if you put a bike rack in your workplace, it is possible that other people who used to commute on public transport or drive their own cars will be inspired to try another mean of transport. 

You can encourage them further by allowing them to take showers and change clothes before work – you will surely gain their respect and it is a fact that people work better if they like their boss.

September 01 2014


Bike enthusiasts unite

Most cities nowadays look like a mix of glass, steel and concrete, a mechanical jungle inhabited by machines with no place for people or more “natural” ways of transport. Fortunately, more and more city governments and city inhabitants themselves have spotted the problem of traffic jams growing exponentially and the unpleasantness of the cityscape looks. Thus, town official around the world started promoting alternatives that can successfully substitute cars and take some burden off the city centers. Bicycles are not only in fashion now – they are necessity if we all want to live comfortably!

As such, many workplaces started to construct bike racks for those employees who choose to use their bicycle to get to work. Work bathrooms were also accommodated for those who need a quick shower after a physical activity and changing rooms were built so you won’t have to crease your shirt and suit in a backpack. Bicycle-friendly workplaces are the first step to make bikes come back from obscurity and you should consider this solution too. My blog will answer some questions regarding bikes and amenities dedicated for bicycle users. I hope you’ll find my tips helpful!

More about bike racks - click!

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